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7 Tips To Pass Your RSA With Ease

The thought of undertaking a Responsible Service of Alcohol (RSA) program can be very daunting to some. It’s understandable if this is the case! You definitely need to put in time and effort, in order to pass your RSA with the understanding and knowledge you need. However, if you put your mind to it, passing your RSA can be an absolute breeze. In fact, you’ll probably even enjoy the process.

Here’s exactly what you need to do to make passing your RSA a piece of cake.


1.Choose your course provider carefully

With so many RSA course providers out there, it is really important to choose one that is reputable. In Victoria, you need to complete your RSA program face-to-face, and the program needs to be an accredited and nationally recognised course. Also look out for a course that values good teaching and small groups. On Tap Liquor provide a fantastic RSA course to suit your needs.

2. Stay focused during the course
The course is short, being only four hours in length, which makes it even more important to take in all that is discussed during the program. Make sure you aren’t preoccupied with checking your phone or thinking about other things during that time. Take notes of the main ideas you need to know for the assessment at the end of the course.


3.Research before attending the course


Although not a requirement of the course, it’s helpful if you undertake some independent research beforehand. We suggest reading through the material relating to the program and to check out the licensing section of VCGLR website, as well as any other information you can find relating to licensing in Victoria.


4. Ask questions

As the saying goes, there’s no such thing as a dumb question. If you are thinking about asking a clarifying question, you can guarantee that someone else is thinking of asking that question too. Asking those questions now, can save you from making a serious mistake while serving alcohol later on.


5. Learn the facts and figures
You will learn about Blood Alcohol Concentrations, how many standard drinks are in popular beverages and how they affect your body. Make sure you write and remember the facts and figures during the course so that you can remember them for the assessment.


6. Try to relax

It’s normal to feel nervous before taking the assessment, but try to relax. The information provided to you over the course of the day, will hold you in good stead for achieving a passing result.

7. Read each question thoroughly

Read each question in the test more than once before you answer. Make sure you understand the question and don’t rush it. You’re more likely to answer correctly, if you have taken the time read the question properly.

Save time and money by passing your RSA with ease, in a relaxed environment. On Tap Liquor Consulting, in partnership with the Practical Outcomes Group provide accredited RSA training courses at various locations throughout Victoria. We also provide an online refresher course that needs to be taken 3 years after completing your RSA. Contact On Tap Liquor today to find out more.