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Automatic Licence Extension For New Years Eve

Each year in Victoria some venues are given the option to extend their New Year’s Eve trading to 1am or 3am on 1 January 2016 without having to apply to the VCGLR for a temporary liquor licence. The VCGLR are able to provide this automatic extension under the provisions of the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998. This automatic extension covers a number of scenarios and licence categories as follows:

The following venues are permitted to trade from 11pm on 31 December to 1am on 1 January without the need for a temporary licence:

  • on-premises
  • late night (on-premises)
  • BYO permits
  • general (for consumption on the licensed premises)
  • late night (general) (for consumption on the licensed premises)
  • full club (for the supply of liquor to a member of a club, an authorised gaming visitor, or a guest of a member for consumption on the licensed premises).


The following venues are permitted to trade from 11pm on 31 December to 3am on 1 January without the need for a temporary licence:

  • restaurant and cafe
  • on-premises – subject to restaurant conditions
  • late night (on-premises) – subject to restaurant conditions.


Those venues who wish to trade later than the 1am or 3am automatic extensions will need to submit an application for a temporary limited licence to the VCGLR. The VCGLR has advised that it can take up to six weeks for these applications to be processed so applications should be lodged by 13 November 2015.

The VCGLR reminds that utilising the extended trading hours on New Year’s Eve is a decision for licensees. Licensees must consider any relevant licence conditions or related planning permits and that venues located in the inner-city municipalities of Melbourne, Yarra, Stonnington and Port Phillip, are subject to restrictions on applications for late night licensesconcerning trade after 1am and the VCGLR will not grant applications to trade past 1am unless the applicant meets certain conditions.

Please contact On Tap Liquor Consulting should you require assistance with a temporary licence application