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Licenced Venue Compliance - Using the Power of the Cloud

After another design phase, ComplyCloud is now ready for use in New South Wales licensed venues.

Featured in Australian Hotelier magazine, ComplyCloud is the best and only online based venue compliance management system in Australia and it is changing the face of venue compliance management.

Enhancements for NSW allow for RSA certificates to be either uploaded or not as NSW licensees do not need to store a certificate, but it ensures that email reminders are sent out starting at 120 days from expiry of the RSA certificate to both the RSA holder and the account holder of the venue database (just insert the date the RSA was granted).

With liquor licence venue compliance increasingly being scrutinised by authorities in all states it is imperative that licensees and venue managers make sure all aspects of the venue compliance is addressed and up to date, this can be time consuming and if missed costly in the form of a fine. ComplyCloud has bought venue compliance to the digital age using the power of the cloud. A system that is accessible from any web enabled device, a system that once set up allows for editing of staff, adding them to multiply venues, storing documents and best of all gives you email alerts rather then relying on a physical inspection of the licence folder, the ComplyCloud dashboard give you control anywhere you are.


ComplyCloud is fast becoming the must have compliance item for licensed venues with a number venues already finding out how easy and useful the system is. Infringements for licence breaches, especially RSA ones, can be expensive and the ComplyCloud system is subscription based and a lot less then the cost of an infringement notice giving you peace of mind and control without the need to rely on a person to check the folder.

Cutting edge cloud based compliance, made in Australia for Australian venues by people who know all about licensed venue compliance.

The ComplyCloud user guide (link below) will show you just how to set up an account in easy to follow steps. There is no better way to manage compliance and ensure you receive email reminders on critical dates.

Complycloud userguide v2.1 – 19-1-16

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