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Maximum Patron Capacity Policy Change

A change in VCGLR policy which On Tap Liquor Consulting have been pushing for some time has been implemented.

All new licence applications for certain licence categories, along with transfer, variation and relocation applications in certain circumstances, have required a range of documents relevant to the maximum patron capacities of venues as part of the application process. This included planning permits, occupancy certificates and registered building surveyor reports.

The Commission have now simplified their policies in relation to venue capacities with the policy change now requiring only one of the above mentioned documents.

From the VCGLR website:

‘The VCGLR has simplified the document requirements detailing a venue’s maximum patron capacity, with applicants for new licences or current licensees applying to vary, transfer or relocate their licence (where no patron number is currently endorsed on the licence) being affected.

Previously licensees were required to provide a range of documents to support their applications, however applicants now need to submit only one document being either a planning permit, an occupancy report or registered building surveyor report making the process simpler and more efficient.

The maximum patron capacity exists to manage any potential overcrowding issues inside a venue, and minimises negative impacts on the local amenity and is one of many factors used in calculating annual licence fees payable.’