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New Kingston Liquor Accord Introduced

Victoria’s newest liquor accord has been introduced in Kingston the Moorabbin Kingston Leader has reported. The new agreement, which has signatories from an array of organisations such as Victoria Police, the Kingston Council and licensees across the Kingston area, introduces a raft of rules governing licensees, and includes measures aimed at curbing alcohol fuelled violence and incidents.

The main focus of this new accord is to reduce or eliminate promotions within venues which encourage rapid consumption of alcohol.

“The days of happy hours and promotional events for certain types of alcohol are really a thing of the past with licensees taking a lot more responsibility with how they promote and serve alcohol,” Superintendent of Moorabbin Bruce Wemyss said.

He said the rules had been developed through a partnership and licensees had taken a key leadership role to ensure a consistent approach.

“We want to create a safe environment for people to venture out at night to enjoy our local pubs and clubs.”

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