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Restaurant & Cafe Liquor Licenses; New Online Application Form

Restaurant & Cafe Liquor Licenses; New Online Application Form

In its push to encourage licensees and industry to move to an online environment, the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation (The VCGLR) have implemented an online application option for its Restaurant and Cafe Liquor Licence category.

'The new online form will simplify the process for applicants and make it easier to understand the steps involved. It also simplifies and provides greater visibility of the overall process to all applicants and aims to reduce determination times' they said in a statement on their website on 26 July 2018.

In order to be able to take advantage of the online application process, users will first need to be registered with the VCGLR via their online 'Liquor Portal', an online system allowing licensees to make basic changes to their liquor licence. The VCGLR have been working for some time to encourage the industry to move to the online portal system and are regularly providing additional functionality to the portal. By registering for the liquor portal, liquor licensees can also:

  • Change postal address for your liquor licence or permit
  • Apply to add, replace or remove the Nominee associated with a liquor licence or permit
  • Apply to add or remove the Director(s) associated with a liquor licence or permit
  • Apply to transfer a liquor licence or BYO permit
  • Check on the status of an Application
  • Register to receive your annual liquor licence (where appropriate) by email and subscribe to the VCGLR newsletter
  • View and print an official copy of your licence/permit, red line plan and renewal notice.

The VCGLR have advised that all online applications need to be submitted within three months of the commencement date. Applicants who fail to do so will have their application cancelled and will need to restart the application before being able to submit it for assessment. Reminders will be issued to applicants during this period to prevent this from occurring.

On Tap Liquor Consulting advises that the online application for a restaurant and cafe liquor licence is only one step in the process of obtaining a liquor licence in Victoria. If you require assistance navigating the, at times, complicated application process, you are welcome to contact our offices to discuss your requirements. We look forward to assisting you.