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Wholesale Data Reporting for 2017-18 Due

Wholesale Data Reporting for 2017-18 Due

The Liquor Control Reform Act (1998) requires that some Victorian liquor licensees collect and report information about their annual wholesale transactions to other Victorian licensees. A wholesale transaction is one that involves the sale of liquor to another licensee. If you do not undertake wholesale transactions, these reporting requirements do not apply to you, however, if you hold any of the following licenses and undertake wholesale transactions, you may be required to report:

  • pre-retail licence
  • wine and beer producer's licence
  • limited licence (including renewable, temporary and major event)

The VCGLR portal allowing you to lodge your CSV report opened on 1 July 2018 and runs until midnight 15 August 2018. Time is running out for you to lodge your data as required.

Under current requirements, Licensees are required to report the following information:

  • the licence number of the licensee to whom the liquor is supplied
  • the postcode of the premises to which the liquor is delivered
  • the type of liquor supplied, being low strength beer, medium strength beer, heavy strength beer, wine, fortified wine, spirits, ready to drink spirits and cider
  • the volume in litres of each type of liquor that is supplied, including:
    • if beer is supplied, the volume supplied in a container with a capacity of
      • 48 litres or less; or
      • more than 48 litres
    • if wine or fortified wine is supplied, the volume supplied in a small container, large container or bulk
  • the dollar value of each type of liquor supplied.

It is important to remember, however, that the reporting requirements may change year to year. The VCGLR has designed a template for licensees to use in order to assist with the wholesale data collection requirements for the 2017– 18 financial year. It is available via the Commission website, and is the same as the 2016-17 template. Detailed information regarding wholesale data collection is available via the VCGLR.