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Wholesale Sales Data - Collecting and Reporting

New legislation

The Victorian Government has legislated to oblige alcohol wholesalers to keep records of, and report on, sales to licensed outlets and retailers. These new reporting requirements will apply from the 2015-16 financial year.

The Commission indicates that ‘Collecting wholesale sales data will enable the Victorian Government to estimate the volume and type of alcohol consumption at state and municipal level. This will help the government improve its decision-making in policies and programs aimed at reducing alcohol-related harm.’


Who is affected?

Licensees holding the following licence categories will be required to report on an annual basis:

  • wine and beer producers
  • pre-retail
  • renewable limited

Other licence categories are exempt from the reporting requirements. The Commission will shortly be sending information packs to all affected licensees.


What information needs to be reported?

Licensees will be required to report on transactions where they supply liquor to another licensee. Reporting data will include:

  • volume of liquor supplied
  • wholesale value, in dollars, of the liquor supplied
  • type of the liquor supplied

The department has also proposed additional reporting, however this is currently subject to a consultation paper.

Please refer to the VCGLR website for further information.