Cumulative Impact Assessments

On Tap Liquor Consulting has a successful track record in relation to many planning permit applications where a liquor licence is involved, and where the relevant Council requires a Cumulative Impact Assessment.

Cumulative impact refers to both positive and negative impacts that can result from clustering a particular land use or type of land use. Potential cumulative impact from a cluster of licensed premises will vary between locations, depending on the mix and number of venues and whether the area is a destination for activities associated with the supply of alcohol.

Cumulative impact is a product of the number and type of venues present, the way they are managed, and the capacity of the local area to accommodate those venues. The cumulative impact of licensed premises is referenced in the Victoria Planning Provisions at the decision guidelines of Clause 52.27 Licensed Premises. The relevant decision guideline requires a council to consider The cumulative impact of any existing licensed premises and the proposed licensed premises on the amenity of the surrounding area.

Cumulative Impact Assessments are not always required by Councils, but are generally required for applications for licensed premises involving trade after 11:00 PM, and where the proposed venue is located within a 'cluster' of licensed premises (defined by practice note 61 as three licensed venues within a radius of 100m or 15 Licensed venues within a radius of 500m). Some Council also require an impact assessment outside of this requirement, and other times it is in the best interest of an applicant to submit a cumulative impact regardless.

On Tap Liquor can provide you with a complete and detailed assessment as per the requirements of practice note 61 upon your request to assist with your planning permit application. This assessment involves a complete review of all licensed premises located within the study area as well as other significant information associated with the proposal.

The final report is a complete and substantial document containing a vast amount of information and includes maps, tables, photographs and other relevant diagrams.

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