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Venue Audits & Pre Purchase Investigations

Can you afford the risks involved with having liquor related non-compliance issues at your venue? How familiar are you with your legislative requirements? Do you dread the random inspections conducted by the VCGLR? How familiar are you with your legislative requirements relating to the general amenity of the area surrounding your venue? Do you receive noise complaints from surrounding neighbourhoods?

On Tap Liquor Consulting can help.

We also have a range of subscription services that will assist any venue in managing compliance, click here to find out more information.

As former Victorian government Liquor Inspectors, with 8 years of combined experience with the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation, both Stephan and James have an in depth and working knowledge of the legislation attached to your liquor licence. At your request, we will conduct an in depth compliance audit of your venue to ensure you are complying with every aspect of your requirements.

Our audits can look at your venue in fine detail, reviewing administrative requirements, company structures, staff interaction with patrons, amenity issues and all other aspects of the licence. At your request, we can conduct an in depth audit of your venues impact on the surrounding neighbourhood to ensure your venue is operating at standards expected by both local police, the VCGRL and the general public. You will be provided with a complete and detailed report on our findings which will include any suggested recommendations and potential remedial action.

In addition, we can provide you with a licence ‘health check’ by undertaking a review of the conditions and licensed ‘red line plan’ and give advice on where things can be improved to assist you in running your venue to its full potential.

Venue Audit Options




  1. Inspection conducted during business hours with a focus on basic compliance requirements associated with operating a licensed venue. This inspection is similar to a Compliance Inspection undertaken by the VCGLR;
  2. Audit focusing on the basic points of the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 and Liquor Licence Conditions as stipulated on the liquor licence; and
  3. Preparation of audit report that also contains recommended remedial action for any noted issues.
*Conditions apply



Includes everything included in the Spot Inspection, plus:

  1. A review and audit of the venue relevant to the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998 in its entirety (i.e. a complete look at venue compliance across every aspect of the Act);
  2. General compliance audit related to the Principles of Responsible Advertisement and Promotion; and
  3. Consultation meeting with client to present the report and discuss the findings and ways to remedy any issues.
*Conditions apply



Includes everything included in the Full Audit, plus:

  1. Inspection will be conducted by 2 qualified staff during the venues hours of trade as required by the client;
  2. Review of the amenity impacts of the venue on the area surrounding the venue and areas of concern highlighted;
  3. Review of venue policies and procedures related to liquor sales;
  4. Preparation and provision of a venue specific 'Liquor Licence Compliance Folder';
*Conditions apply

If you are considering purchasing a licensed premises in Victoria, speak to On Tap Liquor Consulting prior to signing any contracts. Any major decision such as this needs to be an informed one, with all facts available to you. How likely is it that an agent working on behalf of a vendor will give you all of the information relating to a venue if it may come across as a negative?

We will provide an in depth ‘pre-purchase’ investigation into the venue prior to you making any financial commitments. We can;

  1. Ensure that the venue has no major compliance history issues with either the Victoria Police or the VCGLR
  2. Ensure that the venue is trading under the most appropriate and cost effective licence category
  3. Ensure that there are no licence conditions which will cause day to day operation issues
  4. Conduct an amenity audit of the venue to ensure there are no major neighbourhood issues which can cause you problems in the long run
  5. And conduct any other audit matter needed taking into account the specifics of the venue

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