Loading Limited Liquor Licence for the Delivery of Alcohol Victoria

Limited Liquor Licence for the Delivery of Alcohol Victoria

Renewable Limited Liquor Licence for the Delivery of Alcohol with Meals in Victoria


It is common practice across Victoria for venues to obtain a renewable limited licence allowing for the home delivery of liquor that is ancillary to the delivery of meals. These licenses can either be a standalone licence, or attached to an existing licence (on premise licence), If you hold a current restaurant and café liquor licence then this feature now forms part of the liquor licence conditions as long as the licensing body has been notified of the intent.

As part of this process, a specific and detailed application needs to be submitted to Victorian Gambling and Casino Control Commission (VGCCC), in particular, the applicant needs to show that the supply of liquor under the proposed licence is limited in scale and scope. This is where On Tap Liquor Consulting can help.

To obtain a renewable limited licence allowing for home delivery of liquor with takeaway meals, there are various documents required to be submitted to the VCGLR, including any, or all, of the following as well as any other details required by the VGCCC;

  • Completed application form and associated fee;
  • A submission regarding the proposal showing that the proposed scale and scope of the liquor supply is limited in nature;
  • Details of the business and details of the proposed new licensee;
  • A completed and signed ‘Questionnaire and Associates’ forms for each person listed on the application (including company directors, proposed nominees, business partners, Committee members etc.);
  • Evidence of the completion of all required training programs (RSA and New Entrant Training);
  • Evidence of the right to occupy the premises;
  • Business name certification.
  • A current scale drawn plan of the premises, known as the red line plan.
These applications are subject to the same scrutiny as any other new licence application and subject to a 28-day public notice display period. Since COVID commenced these licence types and operation have become more prevalent with the increased us of home delivery and online shopping.

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How Can On Tap Liquor Consulting Assist in an Application for an Alcohol Delivery Liquor Licence Application Process?

On Tap Liquor Consulting have put together a package related to obtaining a renewable limited licence allowing for the home delivery of liquor within Victoria. This package has been designed to ensure that the application process is managed in a manner that is as seamless and stress free as possible for all parties involved. We understand that dealing with the red tape of a licence application can be one of the delays and frustrations involved with the inception of a liquor licence, a process that most would prefer not to have to undertake.

It is the aim of On Tap Liquor Consulting to have the application completed inside 55 days from the date the application is submitted and lodged with the VGCCC. This is less that the average determination time for renewable limited licence applications undertaken by the VGCCC. Be aware, however, that the Commission receives some 20,000+ applications a year which may cause unforeseen delays. To avoid delays as much as possible, On Tap Liquor Consulting have a process in place where all applications are subject to quality control measures and will only be submitted when all details required by the VGCCC are ready.

As part of the package, On Tap Liquor Consulting will undertake appropriate checks and balances to ensure that the licence in place at the subject venue is the most appropriate for the operation and that the venue is operating to its full potential and within its legislative boundaries.



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