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Sports Club Licensing & Compliance

Licensed clubs make a significant contribution to the social and economic life of suburbs, towns and entire regions. Often alcohol sales are closely linked to many clubs sporting and social activities. Nearly all clubs rely on alcohol sales and other fundraising activities to maintain financial viability. On Tap Liquor Consulting are the experts in sporting club liquor licensing, both from a management and compliance perspective. Stephan and James have spent countless hours educating 100′s of sporting clubs across Victoria about their responsibilities under the Liquor Control Reform Act and take pride in their knowledge of club licensing issues.

Clubs are run by dedicated committee members who are often working on a voluntary basis, have numerous time pressures and have regular turnover of members. As former liquor inspectors, the principal consultants of On Tap Liquor Consulting have worked closely with many committees to ensure they understand and are able to comply with the liquor licence conditions and requirements.

We can assist your sporting club by;

  1. Conducting a full compliance audit of your venue including a review of your policies and procedures, a review of your club constitution and a general audit of compliance related matters;
  2. We can assist you in preparing and implementing Alcohol Management Policies and other relevant policies and procedures;
  3. A licence ‘health check’ to ensure you are operating under the appropriate licence to suit your venue and activities, and have the appropriate conditions on that licence to assist you in running the venue better. This can include a review of your clubs premises plan (also known as a red line plan)to ensure that it meets your needs;
  4. General advice and education on club liquor licence requirements;
  5. Assistance with any applications your club may need to submit to the VCGLR to amend licence conditions or to change the category of the licence.
As a club, how well do you and your committee understand the legislation that governs the way you operate your liquor licence? We also offer a training session for club committee’s. This session is aimed at ensuring that committee members are fully aware of the clubs licensing obligations.

This training is aimed to give the club and committee members;

  1. A comprehensive training session that clearly outlines the club’s obligations under the Liquor Control Reform Act 1998.
  2. Information and ideas on how to and better monitor compliance.
  3. What matters need to be monitored on a regular basis.
  4. How to improve your clubs operation in the liquor space.
  5. Tools to assist with the management of the club’s liquor licence.
  6. Having access to highly trained people who are specialist in the liquor licence space who can answer any questions you have there and then.

As a club committee you no longer need to guess what is and isn’t right, On Tap Liquor Consulting are here to make sure your club remains on the front foot at all times

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