Liquor License Transfers Victoria

It is common practice across Victoria for licensed venues to be bought and sold on a regular basis. As part of a venue sale, it is generally understood that the liquor licence in place at the venue forms part of the business sale. This is where a licence transfer comes into play.

To transfer a liquor licence from one party to another, there are various documents required to be submitted to the VCGLR, including any, or all, of the following as well as any other details required by the VCGLR;

  1. Completed application form and associated fee;
  2. Details of the business to be transferred and details of the proposed new licensee;
  3. A completed and signed ‘Questionnaire’ from each person listed on the application (including company directors, proposed nominees, business partners, Committee members etc.);
  4. Evidence of the completion of all required training programs (RSA and new entrant training);
  5. A maximum patron capacity report from a registered building surveyor (this is generally required if there is no patron capacity noted on the licence); and
  6. Business name certification.
Although licence transfer applications do not have a public advertising component to them, they are still subject to the same scrutiny as a new licence application would be. According to the VCGLR annual report, the Commission determined 1,501 application for the transfer of a licence within the 2014/15 financial year.

On Tap Liquor Consulting have implemented a package related to the transfer of licensed premises in Victoria. This package has been designed to ensure that any purchase of a licensed premises ends with a transfer of the Liquor Licence in a manner that is as seamless and stress free as possible for all parties involved. We understand that dealing with the red tape of a license transfer can be one of the delays and frustrations involved with the purchase/sale of a licensed premises, a process that most would prefer not to have to undertake.

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