Loading Noise and Amenity Action Plans (NAAP)

Noise and Amenity Action Plans (NAAP)

When applying for a planning permit associated with a proposed licensed venue, some Councils in Victoria require certain information in order to properly assess your application against the relevant planning scheme and other controls in their particular area. To ensure that your application is processed in the shortest possible time frame, it is important to include all required information specific to your local government authority.

Some Council's in Victoria, including (but not limited to) the cities of Stonnington, Yarra, Moonee Valley, Monash and Greater Dandenong require you to lodge a 'Noise and Amenity Action Plan'. 

What is a Noise and Amenity Action Plan?

A Noise and Amenity Action Plan is a written document which describes, in detail, the potential noise and amenity impacts the could result from the inception of a proposed licensed venue in a particular area. The plan also describes actions which can be taken to reduce any negative impacts resulting from the proposal.

What is included in a Noise and Amenity Action Plan?

A number of matters are required to be addressed within a noise and amenity action plan, many of which will depend on which local council is responsible for considering your application. Some if these matters include (but are not necessarily limited to):

  • Identification of sources of noise associated with the proposed venue which are likely to negatively impact neighboring residents or businesses
  • Proposed measures which are to be undertaken to address issues of noise identified
  • Day to day venue management practices, particularly relating to complaints and incidents in the venue
  • Staff training practices
  • Waste management practices

How Can On Tap Liquor Consulting Assist?

On Tap Liquor Consulting are specialist liquor licensing and town planning consultants with many years experience in the industry. As former Compliance inspectors with the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation, we have an intimate knowledge of the requirements associated with venue management planning. Our consultants can prepare a detailed Noise and Amenity Action Plan specifically for your venue in accordance with Council Requirements. Contact us to today to discuss your unique requirements.


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