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Venue Management Plans

When operating a venue, or, in some circumstances when applying for a planning permit or liquor licence, the venue operator may be required to prepare a venue management plan or policy. Having such a policy in place identifies and develops a responsible approach to venue management and the day to day operations of the venue.

Some Council's in Victoria also require a venue management policy be lodged as part of a planning permit application process associated with a licensed venue. 

What is a Venue Management Plan?

A Venue Management Plan is a written document which describes, in detail, the way in which a particular venue is managed on a day to day basis. A venue management plan allows the venue operator to demonstrate to relevant stakeholders that they have implement appropriate strategies for the management of their venue and its associated risks. Although implementing a patron management plan may appear to be a somewhat daunting task, particularly when considering the time and effort required to prepare an appropriately detailed plan, it is important that venue operators take the time to consider and implement a venue management plan. This can ensure that the venue is operated in a safe and transparent manner.

What is included in a Venue Management Plan?

A number of matters should be be addressed within a venue management plan, many of which will depend on the venue, its location and many other relevant factors. Some if these matters include (but are not necessarily limited to):

  • Description and overview of the venue, including the type of licence held, hours of operation, staffing levels etc
  • Proposed measures which are to be undertaken to address issues of noise, patron behavior and other issues
  • Day to day venue management practices, particularly relating to complaints and incidents in the venue
  • Staff training practices
  • Waste management practices
  • Strategies for responding to issues of violence, drugs, intoxicated patrons, minors and other relevant issues
  • Responsible service practices

How Can On Tap Liquor Consulting Assist?

On Tap Liquor Consulting are specialist liquor licensing and town planning consultants with many years experience in the industry. As former Compliance inspectors with the Victorian Commission for Gambling and Liquor Regulation, we have an intimate knowledge of the requirements associated with venue management planning. Our consultants can prepare a detailed Venue Management Plan specifically for your venue. Contact us to today to discuss your unique requirements.


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